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Outlining what Wagerworks Casinos have to Offer

Wagerworks casinos are starting to take the online gambling industry by storm. They certainly have much going for them and are becoming a fierce competitor in terms of gaming software. They are in integral part of the world’s largest slot machine manufacturer, International Game Technology (IGT). Being owned and managed by IGT is a huge stepping stone for this subsidiary and has grown substantially over the last few years. This article will outline what Wagerworks casinos have on offer, and how they are making their stamp in an industry that is very difficult to get one’s foot in the door.

Wagerworks actually began as an operating subsidiary of another slot machine manufacturer known as Silicon Gaming, before being taken over by IGT. A unique selling point for this software company is that it is in the out-of-the-ordinary position of having established links to live casinos, which is quite unheard of in the online gaming software industry. This link has certainly helped get them where they are today. They have essentially helped to bridge the ever-widening gap between live and virtual casinos. A major advantage of having exclusive links to live casinos is that they have the rights over online versions of live casino games. These include Wheel of Fortune, Baywatch and Monopoly to name a few. Naturally, Wagerworks casinos also offer all the traditional online games as well as multi-coin online slots that are typically found in Vegas casinos.

Wagerworks now consist of a host of experts in the fields of web designing and graphics with important links to companies that provide secure and reliable authentication services such as Barclaycard and Orbis. Wagerworks casinos are also very strict when it comes to fairness and authentic random number generation. They take this very seriously; so much so that they are regulated by two different independent test facilities to ensure that the fairness of the games is never compromised.

There points impressively outline what a unique position Wagerworks are in, compared to other online gambling software companies. They are taking full advantage of their connections to real-live casinos and as well as their relationship with IGT. These factors play a huge role is providing a unique and thrilling experience to players online from anywhere in the world.

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