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The question of whether a land-based casino is actually better than an online, virtual casino is one that has existed since the first online casino first saw the light of day. There is no real way to answer this question in a factual way, as this query will carry a heavy level of opinion with it. For example, enjoying the sights, sounds and ambience of the standard brick-and-mortar Vegas-type casino will perhaps not be conveyed as completely as you might find in an online casino.

Regardless, a virtual casino has more advantages to it than you might realize. Apart from the abovementioned – and online casinos do actually make some efforts towards satisfying and simulating the sense of atmosphere that could be found in an offline casino – there are some additional factors that endear an online experience to a player.

Online casinos are far more convenient in terms of accessibility; no need to get into a car and drive to the nearest brick-and-mortar when you can start up your PC, launch your casino of choice’s software and almost immediately begin playing your favourite games. Another element that you might not miss too much in an online casino is the dealer; in a virtual world, the dealer, or croupier, is often replaced by a random number generator. Some of these virtual gambling havens do also have live dealer software for certain games, allowing you an even more immersive experience despite the online elements that tie you down to the screen, and not a physical setting with tables, chips and cold hard cash.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of opinion on which casino type suits better. If you are looking for the quintessential casino experience, spend a little more on travel and boarding costs for your Vegas or Monte Carlo visit. If not, settle in for a comfortable, private night at home in front of the PC or laptop and be entertained and rewarded without setting foot outside the house.

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