Slotland Slot Games

Slotland Slot Games

If you are an avid slots player then you should definitely give the Slotland dolt games a try. There is a nice variety of games to choose from and the graphics and gaming experience as a whole are very pleasant. The thing that makes Slotland unique is the fact that all of their slots are tied to a progressive jackpot. The jackpot is usually won once every 6-8 weeks and averages at about $100,000.

Slotland online casinos were started in 1998 and this makes then one of the most established online casinos around. They are known for their great bonuses and excellent customer service. If you choose to play slots with them, then you would enjoy instant gaming as no downloads are necessary.

Different Types Of Slot Games Available At Slotland

Slotland is constantly developing new slot games and making them available to their famers. One of the newest editions is called LuckyStars and it offers you 5 paylines and a bonus spin when you collect 3 medals. Your winnings during this bonus spin would then be multiplied by 10. This game also has a HOLD feature which is randomly triggered. This feature will allow you to hold any reels you with and spin the remaining wheels only.

Slotris is another new game that is a whole new twist on the ever popular classic Tetris. By spinning out the symbols and lining up the payouts in the Slotris side game, you can win even more. If you clear out enough Slotris lines, then you could win the big jackpot.

Slotland have also produced the first slot machine that allows you to place bets on your game history. It is called HeavyMetal and it is also one of the newer machines. Other slot machines available include Witches Brew, Lucky Ducts, ReelRiot, MegaSpin, Booster, Golden8, SilverKiss, TreasureBox and Magic.

There is a huge variety of Slotland slot games available and it bigger with each new game Slotland regularly develop. If you live in the UK or in Europe you can also access and play these games from your mobile phone. There are also card games available.

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