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There are a lot of questions surrounding the popularity of online casinos. After all, what exactly should one be looking for when trawling through endless search engine results, searching for that perfectly mixed blend of safety, trustworthiness and entertainment value? Perhaps it’s just that, but in terms of popularity, one of the best sources to make use of is player testimonials.

Although it can be argued that even these can be fabricated, it takes no stretch of the imagination to contact a random casinos support desk and getting in touch with the actual people that stand by to assist with player-related issues. If the popular online casino in question does in fact have a support centre. Most of the truly successful and reputable ones will have these individuals, and you can test their knowledge in every conceivable way to make sure they are who they say they are. Barring that, take a look at the casino websites and decide for yourself, apart from search engine results and rankings, what you consider a popular casino to be.

I’ve found that the most popular casinos are usually the ones that also have a long-running good reputation behind them. For example, the Fortune Lounge Group has numerous online casinos that not only look stunning and provide stellar service, either through their Microgaming-employed software, or simply the range of promotions on offer, but can also boast some years of experience. For example, the first online casino from this massive group, 7Sultans, has been running since 1999, which means that not only is it reputable enough to still exist, but it is popular enough to keep afloat. After all, just how misleading can 11 years worth of casino entertainment, rewards and service really be?

In the end, it’ll be up to you to decide what’s reputable and popular, and what isn’t. Ask some friends, if your friends enjoy their gambling online, or alternately follow any of the above outlined avenues.

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