PlayTech Casino Bonuses Explored

PlayTech is a renowned software gaming company within the competitive industry of online casinos. It was founded in 1999 and has become a very successful and widely used Dutch software support systems hosted by many major online casinos. The software itself has gained such respect due to its user-friendliness and attractive features. The graphics and interface are particularly innovative and allows for exceptionally high speed downloading, which is particularly appealing for players impatient to get playing. Another attractive feature is the PlayTech casino bonuses which will be discussed below.


PlayTech casino bonuses, like any other, are designed to attract new players and enlist loyalty amongst existing ones. PlayTech bonuses are known for their amounts as they are somewhat bigger than many other casino bonuses offered. There are essentially two kinds of PlayTech casino bonuses offered; fixed or percentage bonuses, with some PlayTech casinos offering both.


Fixed bonuses mean that it is a specified amount that will be paid to you in playing credit, the amount depending on the deposit you have laid down. Percentage bonuses on the other hand are a percentage of your deposit, which is then given to you as additional playing credit. Usually, these bonuses are all automatically charged out as soon as a player has deposited the amount that he/she wishes to lay down. Typically, these bonuses can be cashed out but naturally certain conditions do apply before being able to do so.


More recently a new type of bonus has come about in many of the PlayTech casinos known as ‘sticky bonuses’. The word itself already implies that these bonuses don’t allow for the same easy guidelines as the previous two mentioned. These bonuses cannot be withdrawn in any way. When a player cashed out their winnings, the ‘sticky bonus’ amount initially given, will be subtracted accordingly.


Other PlayTech casino bonuses include no deposit bonuses, although these won’t be found across board. Another type of bonus that is found across board is refer-a-friend bonus. It is important to note here that all PlayTech casinos implement very secure payment and withdrawal systems, so that any transactions that are carried out are done so very securely.


There is a lot of information provided by PlayTech for players to understand fully how certain games are played, what bonuses are offered and the terms and conditions in reference to them. It is essential that you read through the latter carefully, so you fully understand what is being offered and what they expect from you in return. PlayTech is a widely used and trusted online gaming software solution, with their corresponding casinos offering a wide range of attractive bonuses.



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