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Playsafe, formally known as Playsafe Holding AS, is in fact an investment company that places particular emphasis on the online gaming and gambling industry. Playsafe Holding AS was launched in Norway in 2006 making it a somewhat young investment firm. However, they have carved a path for themselves within the online gaming as they now have six online gaming sites running successfully, most of which are within the online gambling market. Playsafe casinos are making their mark within the industry, especially as Playsafe continues to grow making a reputable name for itself.

Playsafe, as already indicated, is an investment company specializing in the acquiring of small to middle sized gaming operators. From here they consolidate these acquisitions into Playsafe’s own operating structure which is proving to be quite profitable. The success of this kind of investment comes from utilizing the economies of scale by combining smaller operations into one larger organization. Through this, they have been expanding considerably making quite a name for themselves.

Playsafe, despite fundamentally being an investment company, is investing substantially in the online gaming market in order to offer competitive, first-rate gaming products for both their gaming and casino websites. Specifically in the area of online gambling, it is crucial to success to always be a step ahead of the rest. Products and ideas are continuously being developed in order to keep the pace of this fast-driven industry alive. As such, any business involved in developing and sustaining online gambling websites need to have the skills and creativity to develop innovative products that the target audience will want. As such, Playsafe casinos do offer an extensive package from games, impressive graphics, security features, marketing assistance for their clients and ongoing customer support. They have also recently launched ActionStation, ‘an online poker and casino terminal’ designed for enhancing controlled and regulated casino and gaming environments, which was officially launched on a global scale in 2010.

Statistically, Playsafe has a widespread customer base all over the world, reaching a staggering number of around 1 million members connecting to more than 150 countries. Playsafe casinos are certainly gaining ground and becoming a formidable competitor within an extremely business driven online market. They are continually striving for new ideas and development which is crucial for success. So while they may be relatively new to the industry, they certainly should not be overlooked.

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