Net Entertainment Casinos

Net Entertainment Casinos

Net Entertainment Casinos have a solid reputation within the online gambling world that is difficult to achieve. With so much aggressive and fast-paced competition, it is not easy to find one’s niche and maintain one’s professional standing. Net Entertainment have come a long way however, since they began in 1996.

They were viewed as the pioneers of online gambling; they developed their very own in-house software which was launched in 2000 with an additional four being brought onto the market in 2002. From there they decided to break away from internal casinos and became solely a software development company. In 2007 they made news yet again as they introduced some of the best video slots in online gambling.

Today, more than sixty online gaming operators and website owners use their software, which is still all developed in-house. Net Entertainment are known not only for their creative and unique designs but also for their user friendliness – which is what most online casinos strive for, i.e. to make the gaming experience as simple and yet thrilling as possible. As one would expect, Net Entertainment casinos are offered in a variety of languages – as many as 22 in fact – with customer support available at any hour or day of the week.

From a back end point of view, Net Entertainment software platforms are easily manageable; they enable users to draw up extensive reports to help monitor activity and performance figures. It is also web-based, which means that this is assessable from where ever you are. There are also over 100 games developed including all the major games as well as the lesser known variety such as sic bo, keno, pai gow poker and so on. There are also a variety of tournaments that the more serious player can get involved in.

A great advantage to Net Entertainment casinos is that they are Java run. In other words there is no download required – this means not having to wait for downloads to complete and can also be played from any computer that has Java installed. Net Entertainment casinos have the perfect balance between innovative technology and simplicity; with impressive designs and graphics, exciting games and free tournaments, their sign-up process is a breeze, payouts occur on time. All this put together makes a very appealing package as a business user and a player.

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