Internet Pai Gow

Internet Pai Gow Poker

The first game of Pai Gow can be traced all the way back to China. It was a slow paced game and special dominos and dice were used to play. It was usually considered to be quite a complicated and intricate game and used to only be played in gaming houses in Asia. However, Pai Gow eventually made its way to America and Europe and it eventually became internet Pai Gow Poker.

Internet Pai Gow is still a relatively complicated game but the game was simplified as it became modernized. It is played with a deck which is made up of a standard deck (52 cards) and one joker. Ranking and points are awarded in the same way as it would be in a standard poker game.

Internet Pai Gow can either be played with real money or with fake money. It is usually a good idea to play with fake money while you are still learning the game. Once you feel you have the gist of it, you can then deposit real money into your casino account.

Playing The game

When you play internet Pai Gow Poker you are playing against the house. The game begins when a virtual dealer deals the cards to the players. Each player receives seven cards. Everyone, except the dealer, will then look at their hand and divide it into two. This would consist of a hand made up of two cards and a hand made up of five cards. The two card hand is referred to as the low or front hand and the five card hand is referred to as the high or back hand.

The rules of the game state that a player’s front hand cannot beat their back hand. If it does, then it is referred to as a foul and both hands would then lose. For example, if your two card hand contains two Aces then your five card hand would at the very least have to contain two pairs. Due to the fact that the Pai Gow deck of cards contains a joker, the highest five card hand would be five Aces. For the two card hand, any pair you have would beat any two unmatched two card hand.

You can win money in internet Pai Gow poker if both of your hands beat the dealer’s hands. You would lose your bet if both your hands lose. If one of your hands win and the other hand doesn’t then it is considered a tie.

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