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Video poker is an easy and enjoyable way to play poker. Instead of playing poker against other players, the game is played against the house, with cards drawn by a random-number generator. The appeal of video poker lies in the additional element of skill needed and the decisions players make have a direct influence on the game.

The best video poker games offer odds that rival that of any table game in a land-based casino and offer lucrative payouts. Payouts are based on five-card poker hands, with the majority of video poker machines based on five-card draw, although there are a few seven-card stud variations. The game is based on jacks or better and there is no dealer’s hand or other players hand to beat. Payouts are based strictly on the cards dealt by the machine. Credits are used to denote winnings and players have the option to cash out when whenever they wish.

Once credits have been bought, the action begins when players push the button to deal and bet. Once a bet has been made, players will have their cards revealed to them on the screen. The skill and the excitement mounts as players now have the opportunity to either “hold” or “fold”. Once the decision to hold or fold has been made, additional cards will be dealt. Depending on the value of the hand in comparison to the house, they will win.

Video poker makes this intricate game accessible and easy to play, offering the same level of excitement to players and making it one of the most popular casino games available.

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