Blackjack has origins that date back to at least the early 17th century. Miguel de Cervanteds and Rinconenty y Cortadillo was the first to reference the game in its short story. The two protagonists in the story played a game known as veintiuno with the objective to reach 21 points and not going over the amount. The aces in this game can count either one or eleven.

When the game was first introduced in the United States of America, the payoffs were 10:1 if players reached a 21 total using an ace of spades as well as a jack from either of the black suits. This is where the name blackjack comes from.

Today, a blackjack is any card that has a value of ten and an ace.

As one of the most popular of the casino games, blackjack, also known as twenty-one, gives skilled players the chance to change the odds in their favour. The game consists of one or more playing cards (52 to be exact). Players play individually against the dealer.

The object of the game is simple, get two cards or more that add up to a value of 21 or less and not exceeding 21 and betting against the dealer in the process. Cards are valued at ten if they are Kings, Queens or Jacks. Face cards equal their card value. The Ace card equals one or eleven and the player has that choice to make.

The game commences when both the dealer and the players are each dealt two cards. Players are then able to see both their cards as well as one of the dealer’s cards. The player will then have the choice to either keep the two cards he/she has been dealt or to add an additional card to the pile. The dealer will also then choose to either take another card or not. If the player completes his/her hand with a card value of 21 or less and the dealer then also then finishes with cards equaling less than 21, the player will walk away victorious. If however the player’s cards equal more than 21, they will then be bust and lose that round. A push occurs when both the dealer and the player have an equal card total at the end of a round. A natural win or a blackjack occurs when the player is handed a ten as well as an ace card. The majority of wins in blackjack pay off at 1:1, while a blackjack usually pays off 3:2.

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