Casino Bonus

A casino bonus is any amount of cash that you can enjoy at a casino. Although the definition sounds simple, there’s a bit more to it than that. For a start, casinos – and online casinos, notably – have gotten a lot more creative these days with the way they create their bonuses. Free cash is no longer the only way to get a boost out of your casino experience.

Originally, a casino bonus could be conceived of as free money only, but online casinos in the past have tweaked this to now also include ‘free spins’ bonuses. For example, you will receive a certain amount of spins, playing certain games. These spins are effectively an amount of free passes that require no cash bets to be made, and are a great way for a casino to showcase its best games and features.

Another casino bonus type is, of course, the deposit bonus. You make a deposit and have it matched with free money. Many casinos also employ multiple consecutive deposit bonuses, allowing players to keep making deposits and claiming free cash to extend their enjoyment. A massive bonus – for example, a $3,000 Free offer, might be comprised of numerous deposit match offers rolled into one, with each bonus dependent on the one before it being claimed first. In this way, players are assured of a consistent and large bankroll.

Free money is still, however, one of the biggest attractions. Most of these offers are smaller amounts that require no deposits to be claimed, but they usually lead in to something larger, like a deposit match bonus. Nevertheless, these offers are a great way to get the casino entertainment off to a rocking start.

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