Bonus Slot Games

Contrary to popular belief, a ‘bonus slot game’ is not necessarily a slot game that comes as an aside to some other game. A lot of people make this mistake, and are surprised to find that bonus slot games are actually slot examples that have bonus games embedded into them. This holds true predominantly for video slots, which are known for really advancing the visual and thematic aspects of the whole slot game experience.

The most appealing bonus slot games around are undeniably the ones that have their roots in some sort of comic book hero/heroine or movie scene. Tomb Raider is one of these, and has even spawned an additional title to follow the original, called Secret of the Sword, giving players two big bonus games to enjoy. Not only that, but these games are rife with all the Free Spins and Multiplier goodness that can see winnings tripled, or even quadrupled, should the player make the right calls at the right time.

Another fascinating concept is that of the comic book hero, or, in the case of Hellboy, anti-hero. This red-skinned, sawed-off-horns hell spawn somehow inspires a grand following, enough so that he has made it onto the casino slot screen, complete with a bonus game where you need to rescue his teammates (for great rewards, of course!) and at the same time shoot monsters that charge through the round metal doors.

One of the most recent additions to the bonus game line-up is The Lord of the RingsTM: The Fellowship of the Rings. Not only does this game make use of a Cinematic SpinsTM feature that incorporates actual scenes from the blockbuster movies, but the bonus games are neatly embedded both into the slots game itself, and the mythology, giving you a chance to assist the movie characters in a small side quest for extra winnings.

Keep an eye out for these games, as well as many others. These days, video slots by default are including richer and more detailed thematic bonus games, turning your traditional video slot into a little entertainment masterpiece.

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