BeTheDealer Casinos

The Principle of BeTheDealer Casinos

It is well understood that the online gambling industry has developed considerably allowing for infinite and exciting possibilities from the comfort of one’s own home. As many doors have opened through the development of the Internet, so have many business savvy entrepreneurs taken the reigns turning online gambling into the lucrative market it is today. In order to keep players interested in this fast-faced and thrill seeking environment, there is a continuous need to develop new games, new ways of playing and interacting with others online. A good example of this being done is to look at BeTheDealer casinos, with a software platform that has found its own niche in a very unique way.

Essentially, as the name suggests, BeTheDealer allows players to not only be on the playing end of a game but also gives them the exciting opportunity to become the dealer themselves. This enhances the realistic effect of playing online quite considerably, giving players a closer inside experience than would not be normally applicable when playing at a live casino. There are additional benefits that come from being able to be in the unique position of dealer, as this can give one access to some favourable odds specifically reserved for the casino.

BeTheDealer offer a variety of games from blackjack, roulette, video poker, and slots although they are all set as multi-player games. BeTheDealer software was created and developed with the idea in mind to give all players a fair chance and the most effective way to achieve this is by allowing players to be on both ends of the game.

Players are offered various other features including live chats to allow communication with other players as well as being offered to play against a system dealer instead. In addition to this exciting concept, BeTheDealer software also offers innovative image technology and sound that further enhances the concept of being in a real-live casino.

BeTheDealer Casinos offer something different for those players seeking an experience out of the ordinary. With up-to-date graphics, innovative design concepts, security features and customer support, this gaming software has a definite edge that is proving very popular in the online gambling world. This can be underlined by the fact that in 2002 they won the ‘Best Casino Concept Award’ from Gambling Online Magazine.

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