Best For Free Slots

There are quite a few free slot games available online these days that can satisfy even the most die-hard slots enthusiast. What makes these games so enticing to players is the easy access, the no-holds-barred entertainment value and the hours of fun to be had with them, all without having to commit to a cash component.

There are three great slots games available on the free-play parade that need some acknowledgement. These are arguably the best for free slots that you can play online, mostly because they are the free-play versions of true legends amongst the online slots realms. These games include Ladies Nite, Thunderstruck and Tomb Raider.

Ladies Nite is the definitive slots game that takes a modern concept and turns it into a lucrative and rewarding slot game. Picture an exclusive night on the town, ladies only, and gives it a quirky spin – literally – complete with all the womanly weapons – lipstick, cocktails, perfume and Chippendale waiters – that you’d expect for a feminine feast.

The game Thunderstruck hardly needs an introduction. This game is one of the oldest and still most popular games in online casino existence, and has long been hammering out big rewards with Thor’s hammer and the Norse mythology shtick. A free-play version of this game simply means that you won’t necessarily be hitting those golden coins for real, but at least you get to enjoy the entertainment that has fascinated countless slot players every since the original game launched.

Last but not least, Tomb Raider is the casino adaptation of the movie franchise of the same name, exploring the treasure-filled depths with Lara Croft. Who would not be endeared by this sexy, suave damsel and her adventurous ways, even if the free-play slots version of the game disallows you from enjoying actual treasure? Her adventures have constantly compelled without that kind of reward since she first swung onto PC screens, then the silver ones, and the free slot version has proven no different.

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